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Make Nice. Nice Kitty?

With my wife in the midst of field hockey reffing season, almost every day has provided me with some exclusive “daddy-daughter” time. Most of these occasions are after work on weekdays, and generally consists of making dinner, eating dinner, dramatic re-enactment of famous Swedish operas, bathing, and “night night.”  But this past weekend, my wife had a few games on Saturday morning, leaving Justine and I a solid few pre-nap, fully fed hours to undertake a fun activity.  With the October weather uncharacteristically warm, and the Syracuse sun uncharacteristically out, I packed her up along with her sizable amount of accessories, and headed for a sure-to-be action packed trip to the zoo.

Unfortunately, most of our excursion reminded me of the first half of Jurassic Park, where the soon-to-be-screaming/eaten visitors sit idly in their fancy Jeeps wondering where all the extinct dinosaurs are.  I guess it was nap time, because 90% of the animals were passed out after an undoubtedly long Friday night at the trough, or hiding (and probably passed out) which made for a somewhat lackluster zoo experience.  I briefly considered, as an homage to the movie, knocking out a squirrel and dangling it in the tiger habitat in hopes that Tigger might spring to life.  Sadly, the squirrel got away.

There was a few flurries of animal activity however, the first an unexpected treat near the wolf enclosure.  Fortuitously (for us at least), some disaster befell someone nearby and fire trucks were dispatched, sirens blaring, to help.  The wolves mistook this aural explosion as a rival pack howling wolf ethnic epithets (“your mother is a Siberian Husky”) and immediately responded with endless wailing and West Side story-esque prancing and snapping, much to everyone in the vicinity’s delight.  After all, how often do you get to hear wolves howling?  In Syracuse, at least?

The penguins were also reasonably awake, and demonstrating their unique brand of flying-less bird fun.  Justine’s a big fan of them, excitedly tapping on the glass and laughing as they unceremoniously pooped in the water.  And the monkey house was a flurry of activity as well, with the various species of apes happily swinging about, flinging poo, and checking each other for suspicious lumps -the latter prompting a young boy to ask him parents if “that is the doctor monkey” – which the stethoscope around its neck made pretty obvious to me.  Stupid children.

Justine did her best to give the appearance of having fun on our little daddy-daughter excursion, happily pointing at the various animals and muttering random syllables in their general direction. But nowhere was she more excited than outside the lion cage, which in this particular zoo is surrounded by (what i assume is) one-way glass. Her eyes lit up as we arrived, clamored up to the window and of course began to point and pound, too young to realize that waking a sleeping lion is probably not the safest course of action.

But to her, it was just a super-sized version of our house cats.  Although I doubt these cats would tolerate her kind of petting.  Or any kind of petting for that matter.  At least not without a squirrel as a peace offering…

That's a Big Kitty

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  • PJ Mullen

    I have to agree with the 'letting sleeping lions lie'. Nothing good can come of any alternate course of action.

  • Julie

    Love that photo!

  • Catherine @ The Blonde Diaries

    What a hilarious retelling of your trip to the zoo. I have a trip to my zoo (Houston Zoo) on Sunday and I can't wait as it has been almost 4 months since I was last there to enjoy it with the animals. My trip since then was just the wedding reception and there were very few animals there for that.

    I'm hoping we have a good experience and can maybe see a few animals awake and doing something but you never know what you will find at the zoo.

  • mwfrantz


  • mwfrantz

    Every time we go to the zoo it's been a different experience – you just never know which animals are going to be out and about. Although it's usually a safe bet the big cats will be sleeping…

  • mwfrantz

    I must admit though, with the way the lion enclosure is set up, I have considered pitching pine cones in there in hopes of giving folks watching a fright… just a fright though, not a maul.

  • SurprisedMom

    She's such a cutie. But, unfortunately, I don't think the lions would appreciate her cuteness. It does sound like a good day at the zoo. I'm glad some of the animals were cooperating.

  • mwfrantz

    I think you're right, but I also think that if that glass weren't there, she'd walk right up and pat them on the head. For better or worse. :)

  • mwfrantz

    I think you're right, but I also think that if that glass weren't there, she'd walk right up and pat them on the head. For better or worse. :)