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What Inspired the Awe?

CarouselTowards the end of week-long trek to the Jersey Shore, we undertook the daunting task of hauling a crew of five toddlers up onto the fabled Boardwalk to partake in some food and fun.  While doing so required us to set our common sense aside – after all that many toddlers in the same place at the same time is pretty much a recipe for disaster, or at least one guaranteed meltdown (probably of a parent) – we still wanted to experience “the boards” as a family.

We started off the evening with the rides, under the supposition that motionful rides plus an  infant’s full belly would lead to less than desirable result.  A “test-run” we ran with Justine earlier in the week made it clear that riding “acapella” was not in her repertoire, and so Kim and I both took a spin on the flying elephants with her, with some success (and some unbridled screaming).  Her older cousins did a much better job riding in the fire trucks, spaceship, boats and on the upside down Ferris Wheel.   After we all had our fill, we finished on the classic carousel – Kim trying to coax a smile out of Justine as she perched on her faux horse, while I tried in vain to maintain my balance and get some decent pictures as the wheel spun violently, jettisoning many a small, untethered children into the hard concrete below.

After the rides, we headed to a pizza place just a few storefronts down from the rides, and ordered a few pies for everyone.  Remarkably we made it through the meal with a minimum of meltdowns but a sizable fallout zone of fallen pizza thanks to the toddlers and their high chairs.  After paying the bill and making our standard apologies for the noise, mess, and lousy tip, we headed back onto the boardwalk in search of dessert.

The sea-air infused planks in Ocean City offer a stunning myriad of sugary delights, from the ubiquitous funnel cake and cotton candy to the more exotic deep fried Oreos and veal gelato.  And of course, the ice cream.  There was little debate as we all partook of either some good ol’ fashioned hard ice cream or the delectable soft serve from Kohr Bros.  We consumed our tasty victuals as we waited for a local shore band (The Tidal Wave Band) to get set up.  By the time they started their show, our dear little toddler’s were well entrenched in the mind-bending grip of sugar.

Her older cousins quickly broke into spontaneous dance, busting moves I’d only ever seen on Soul Train and/or Lawrence Welk.  And then there stood Justine, marveling at retired beach bums spinning Beach Boy riffs and pounding steel drums in front of her, in awe of the site and jittery as the sucrose coursed through her veins.  I captured her on film at this exact moment of bliss.

“No. Way.”

The Boardwalk

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  • lfwaterloo

    That was beautiful. And she's a gorgeous young lady! :-)

  • Melanie

    Great shot!! sounds like a very fun time!

  • danielle713

    How exciting! That must of been so much fun!

  • Catherine @ The Blonde Diaries

    What a fun trip to the Boardwalk though I'm not sure if I am that brave to take 5 toddlers with me. She looks absolutely adorable in that last photo with the surprised look on her face.

  • mwfrantz

    Thanks! I'm very thankful we made it out of there with our sanity

  • PJ Mullen

    Did you get the balsamic reduction with the veal gelato? I can't have it any other way.

    That picture is priceless.

  • PJ Mullen

    Did you get the balsamic reduction with the veal gelato? I can't have it any other way.

    That picture is priceless.