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Armed and Fatherly: The Applebee’s Arsenal

I’m in the process of disappearing on a magical mystery tour of the Gulf Coast hawking wares for my company, and so time has been short for blogging, despite a wealth of material. I owe you, dear readers, a recap of my daughter’s first birthday bash, among other cogent and thought-provoking topics. Stay tuned.

I was able to divert attention from frantic preparations for party and subsequent trip departure to pen the latest entry in Armed and Fatherly. After last weeks esoteric romp through the astounding feature set of the DadGear Diaper Vest, I’ve gone with a more straight forward discussion of some great tools to help corral the unruly infant diner while restauranteering. Drop by and check it out if you have a spare second – it’s a good read (if I do say so myself).

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