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A Milestone… for me!

MeWelcome to the 100th blog post for all the amazing authors (me) here at Heir Apparent!

I started this blog over a year and a half ago to serve as a way to help me chronicle our first pregnancy and to provide my wife with material evidence for the judge should our marriage ever go awry.  I invited some of you along for the ride from the very beginning, in some ways to allow for a quick answer to the omnipresent “how’s pregnant life” but also to let you share in such an amazing and bizarre time in our lives. Others came on board as I tried to spin my tales out to a wider audience, and the latest crop of you probably found me through my connections and column over at Dad Blogs.

Regardless of who you are and where you came from, a big THANK YOU for following along.  It’s always nice to know that someone appreciates the time and effort I put into taking the random and nonsensical thoughts in my brain and trying to convey them in a way that is at best humorous, and at least coherent.  The blog has gone in ebbs and flows, but I think I’ve finally found some firm footing and it’s become a great source of amusement as well as a creative outlet for me.

In honor of this small milestone, and as the equivalent of  a classic sit-com “clip show,” I’ve compiled a short list of my favorite posts over the last 20 months.  If you are relatively new to my blog, these are a great place to start…

I Want To Be a Part of It, Newark, Newark? – Just a few months into the pregnancy and we get to discover the night life at the Newark Airport, and the “interesting” overnight bag they supply you with.

A Baby Story: Part One –  The day everything changed.

Under the Boardwalk, Down By The Sea – The classic family vacation, suddenly beset by rampant and bountiful children.

Beware the Finger of Destiny – Some wives knit, some play paintball.  My wife spends her days with a finger up my kid’s nose.

I Think She Has My Nose? – How often can you compare your kid’s appearance to a long extinct reptile and be kinda right?

A Ride on the Comet –  My wife will tell you this was one of the funniest moments of our first year of parenthood.  I was less enthused.

Upon the Bedpost She Watches – A poignant look inside the mind of a cat displaced by a fussy baby.

Curious George and the Trip Home – How those familiar characters really interact, at least in my mind.

I keep a running tally of my best work under “Featured Posts” over there on the right – if you have any favorites that you think I should add, please don’t be shy…


Again, a big thanks to everyone that has graced these pages with their eyeballs, if only to determine that I am still alive and therefore still on the hook for the money that I owe.  (For those folks, I seriously did send the check.  Seriously)  If you have any suggestions, requests, demands, or just regular old comments for the blog, please don’t hesitate to let me know – I can only guess what all of you are thinking, and I usually guess wrong.  Ask my wife.

Check back soon for the continuing adventures of me, my wife, and our little Justine.  And cats.  And rabbit.  And all  the inanimate objects that always have a voice here…

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