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Grunt and Squeak and Squawk…

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With our attempted trek to the zoo thwarted a few weeks back by a “power outage” (read monkey coup), and another lovely Saturday morning upon us with nothing on the docket we once again made our way over to the Rosamond Gifford to try and take in some fauna. The noticeable lack of cars streaming out of the zoo meant this time we would get in.  As an added bonus it wasn’t even that crowded when we arrived – which made us all the more excited to get elephantin’.

This being our first trip of the season, we were faced with the dilemma that all families endure at the zoo – do we become members or not?  With large families, this is a no brainer – visit once and you probably already made your money back.  If you are the Duggars I think they would actually pay you for each subsequent visit.  But it’s just me, Kim and a under 3 infant who gets free admission.  After some hemming and hawing we decided to take the plunge, if for no other reason than to receive the peace and serenity of knowing that our membership helps to support these fine animals and the local exotic meat supply industry.

This was technically Justine’s third visit to the zoo, but the first in which she anything more than just propped up in a stroller drooling as we tooled from place to place.  She was a bit more animated this time, when we could get her to stop looking at all the people and look at the animals we had paid to come see.  Justine is very much a “people-watcher” – she’ll smile and coo and reach for complete strangers which from a “stranger anxiety” standpoint is good but a “stranger danger” standpoint is not.

LionsWe had high hopes for this trip to the zoo – Justine has always been fascinated by our cats, and laughs hysterically when trying to pet our bunny through the cage bars.  Under the assumption “bigger cages, bigger bunnies, bigger laughs,” we thought Justine would just be moving from exhibit to exhibit in abject delight where folks would stop us periodically and ask us “how did we get to be such amazing parents with such a happy laughing child?”  It didn’t really work out this way this time – the day was sunny and a bit on the humid side, and rather than animated bunnies, most of the animals were sleeping, often in hard to spot places.  This elicited yawns rather than the hoped for screams of delight.

And alas her tolerance for the zoo didn’t last too long, and after passing the tigers it became clear that she just “wasn’t into it” anymore.  Stubborn folks that we are we plodded on, trying to mesmerize her with the penguins, get her to laugh at the monkeys, and even pet the lions (until the Park Police insisted that we could not just “drop her in there for a sec”).  And so after we fed her a quick lunch in the pavilion, we headed home, to return soon I’m sure.

After all, we ARE members now.

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  • Joel

    Our son seems to always find the other Zoo patrons more interesting than the animals as well.

    Nice to know he’s not the only one.

    I’ve found the perfect solution to the “Zoo Membership” question. We got kiddo’s great grandmother to give him (and us) a membership for Christmas. It gets the whole family into the local zoo and aquarium for free for a year, and is a much better use of her Christmas money than the lifesize inflatable grizzly bear or whatever ridiculous present she was likely to get him.

  • Otter

    Can’t wait for our son to be old enough to enjoy the zoo. Sorry your little one didn’t have the reaction you hoped. I think you should demand a sleeping animals refund.