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What Constitutes a Date, Anyway?

Thanks to shifting weather patterns and possibly global warming, the delicate balance of normality was rent asunder and the weather in Syracuse proved to be much better than that in Philadelphia this past weekend.  This rare anomaly triggered a last minute “invasion of the in-laws” who decided to escape from the soaked City of Brotherly Love to visit their darling granddaughter and the now far less interesting children who raise her.  We had already pledged a good chunk of our weekend to competing parties, and so we found ourselves Saturday afternoon headed to friends to help them move in to their new house sans Justine who was being watched by the in-laws.

Helping our friends unload their moving truck in and of itself is not particularly noteworthy, with the possible exception of me performing manual labor for someone else, voluntarily. What we realized though as we neared their house, was that we were, for the first time in quite some time, alone.  Without Justine.  Responsibility free.  We could curse like sailors and drive erratically and listen to music that didn’t involve sheep or individual letters.  This was as close to a date as we had had in months.  Sure we spent most of it trying to jam furniture not designed to fit through certain doorways through them anyway, and surreptitiously pilfering DVDs that “must’ve gotten lost in the move,” but it was still a nice feeling to be away for a little while.

This is not to say that we didn’t miss Justine – and forgetting even for a few hours that she was somewhere else proved difficult.  I noticed Kim absently attempting to breast feed my friend’s kid, despite the fact that rather than a 10 month old girl, he is a two year old boy who insisted to her that she was “not my mommy.”  And I kept making googily noises and funny faces, until the mail-lady lost interest and drove away.  My friend finally sent us home when I kept following him around, smelling nearby when he stood and asking if he had a “boom boom in his room room.”

Parenthood has been a difficult adjustment from a social standpoint for the reasonably young couple that we are.  While we were by no means voracious partiers in our youths (although I was known in my youth book club as ChaucerChuggs for my insatiable appetite for 14th century English literature), we did enjoy the free life that child-less life provides – going to the movies, late night dinners, epic cattle drives – that we barely have time for these days.  But I think that the few hours we had this past weekend has made us both agree that we need to get babysitters a little more often and enjoy a little time away from our feisty offspring.

At least before age and crotchetyness seeps in, ya know?

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  • Joel

    Really enjoyed this. It’s completely true too. My wife and I got to spend time with friends this weekend (who were also moving, oddly enough) and we were thinking many of the same things.

    My aunt is in town and I think tonight we’re going to leave her with little man and sneak out to play with our friends for a while. Good times can still be had!