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Branching Out…

Dad Blogs

Having cut my teeth recounting tales of my daughter throwing up in my face, my cat plotting my fate while I try to sleep, and splaying my wife’s digitized innards all over the Internet, I’ve finally amassed enough experience to take my writing skills “on the road.”  Thanks to Joe and Pete over at Dad Blogs, I’ve started Armed and Fatherly, a weekly blog trying to advise other Dad’s on the tricky business of gearing up for the rigors of parenthood.  I hope to bring the style and panache I deliver here at HeirApparent over there as well – hopefully with some success.

I have my first entry up over there - you can take a peek if you like… Check back weekly for updates – I’ll also post a quick note here when I have a new one up for those too lazy to check both.  While you are there, check out some of the other columnists – Dad Blogs is a great community of people and I heartily recommend it to Dads (and Moms) alike.

Tomorrow is their weekly Fatherhood Fridays event, where everybody in the community posts and send in their links so you can check out all of them in the same place.  Check back tomorrow, cuz I’ll be participatin’…

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