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Meeting the Easter Monster

Under normal circumstances, this post would be framed with an adorable photo of Justine cuddling up on the Easter Bunny’s lap while a proud Ma and Pa stood flanking his ungainly fuzzy suit and inexplicably large reading glasses.  An instant classic family image right up there with American Gothic and that portrait they painted in the opening credits of Family Ties.  And we certainly did our best to try and create this treasured family memory a few days before Easter when we found ourselves at the mall.

Alas, it was not to be.

Things were a little rocky from the start – when we had finally decided to give the picture a whirl, we turned the corner to watch the oversized rabbit scampering away from us, being led by one of his handler’s to take a quick “bunny leak.”  (It begs the question that if rabbits droppings are created in proportion to the size of the bunny…)  In any case, we sat and waited a few minutes for his return, which came shortly after.  We fought through the (non-)existent crowds until we stood next to the beast, my mind swirling on whether to purchase Package A, or Package C, or Package A with subPackage D1, or subpackage D2 with extra wallets (that’s option 3).  The Easter Bunny, now “refreshed” sat eagerly awaiting our daughter on his lap. Kim gingerly placed Justine in his arms when suddenly…

Well it’s hard to say.  If I had to guess what happened was that Justine, who was no stranger to rabbits having petted the one that lives with us, was face to face with a similar animal that was TEN TIMES THE SIZE.  Imagine, if you will, that one day you return home from work, crack open that can of Fancy Feast, and in lumbers a Siberian Tiger rather than your average housecat.  I would imagine your reaction may be similar.  By which of course I mean that you scream at the top of your lungs and then begin wildly bawling.

At least with Santa we had a chance – she was content until she turned and saw him.  No such luck here.  The ladies, of course eager to make a sale, attempted to calm Justine with rattles and such, and were somewhat successful in doing so.  They then somehow convinced Kim that if she backed toward the Easter Bunny slowly, and then quickly put Justine in his lap before she knew what happened, they could snap the picture and we would have at least a photo with her, the bunny, and an at least reasonably content expression on her face.

This laughingly failed.  Well, laughingly for us – Justine probably thought we were feeding her to a giant rabbit for keeping us up at night…

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  • Joel

    Seems to me that Justine’s got a good head on her shoulders.

    The day that the animals become bigger than us (you know…other than the ones that already are) is the day we lose our domination of the planet.

    No, to Super Bunnies!