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Food for Thought. Thoughts on Food?

Time marches on, as it usually does, and our once immobile bundle of sleepy flesh has quickly evolved into a crawling, squealing ball of energy that bounds around the floor chasing the cats, the rabbit and anything else that moves or lights up.  In addition to her newfound mobility, Justine has now embarked upon yet another new frontier.  She has begun refusing her “baby slop” in favor of more “regular people food.”

I’m being unfair to the baby food, though.  I mean, yes, it is a variety of slurries served up in a rainbow of colors and flavors.  And no, I probably wouldn’t invite you over for Easter dinner and serve you ham and green beans through a straw.  But we’ve recently discovered at the local BRU more “sophisticated” ground up food.  Chicken Mango  Risotto.  Creamy Chicken Apple Compost.  Er. Creamy Chicken Apple Compote.  (Don’t believe me?  Check it out.) Finally, I thought, we can spoon feed our baby food that is as exceptional as the food that I personally prepare nightly.  I’m a big fan of the compote, ya know?

While this all sounds well and good, for the most part Justine isn’t a big fan anymore.  While we used to delight in serving her new and different bottles of goo, she doesn’t seem to have much interest now, with the exception of pears, turkey and cranberry, and green bean casserole (sans the fried onions of course).  She’ll also take her squash and oatmeal in the morning, perhaps implicitly understanding that oats are either for breakfast or horses.  But beyond these exceptions, spoon feeding her baby food results in her objection.

Objection is a mild word.  It’s more of long grunt, followed by wild swinging of extremities.  She then finishes with the “scrunch,” whereby she instantly contracts every muscle in her body and utters perhaps the most annoying whine imaginable.  I think Kim would agree, it’s a cringe-inducing horror that eats immediately at your soul and makes you want to go outside and kick down a tree.  Imagine that happening multiple times during a feeding and you can start to understand why we figure she’s moving out of the baby food stage.

This leaves us at an odd crossroads – what do we cram down the craw of our hungry baby if it isn’t the baby food which we so accustomed to using.  First is the old standby, either Cheerios or “Puffs” (which I’ve heard termed “crack for babies” and that description is apt).  She quickly learned to grab these little nuggets and crush them with her 3 teeth.  Beyond those basics, now we just try and give her whatever we can cut into small enough pieces for her, including string cheese, watermelon, mashed potatoes, meatloaf, rock candy, goose pate, and her absolute favorite, Faberge egg omelettes.  (We do have to remove the gemstones first).

This new preponderance of finger foods has had other unintended side effects, most notably our thorough re-enactment of “Leiningen vs. the Ants,” which you may remember from 7th grade English class. Justine’s recent dexterity isn’t 100%, and so probably a third of everything she picks up ends on the floor, where the tiny little monsters emerge from nothingness to shepherd the sugary goodness back to their lair to feast upon.  Which means that we need ant traps.  Which we can’t put down where the ants are.  Why?

Did I mention she’s crawling all over the place now?  Sigh.

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  • Joel

    Why is that the ability to crawl is generally accompanied by the habit of dropping massive amounts of gooey food on the floor?

    Earlier, and it wouldn’t have mattered so much because the baby would be trying to crawl around in the food before you clean it up. Later, and the baby would be walking through the food so as to only dirty her feet.

    Nope, you’ve got the mess all over them from the meal itself, and then once you get them clean, they roll around in their discarded leftovers before you can dispense with them.

    No fair.

  • BellaDaddy

    Just the beginning :-)


  • Mocha Dad

    Just wait until she starts to walk and refuses to eat anything other than candy.

  • Otter Thomas

    Baby goo made from expensive sounding meals always seemed strange to me. It seems pureed Peking Duck doesn’t feel quite an normal as sweet potatoes.

  • PJ Mullen

    Mmmm…Faberge egg omeletes, sounds tasty. My little man only has one tooth so far, but he’s not much a fan of the super purees either. The Earth’s best stuff is really watery and I was over trying to get him to eat it. I actually started making his food myself a few months back. I bought a couple of baby cookbooks off Amazon and make two things a week. Breakfast is still some fruit substance out of a jar. The baby beef stew I make for him has been his favorite by far. If you want to give is a go, email me and I’ll send you back the recipe to give it a shot. Worst case you’re out $8-10, best case you’ve got eight solid meals for her. Good luck, pj

  • DaddyKV

    More things for me to look forward to. At least I am getting prepared. Seems like I am about 3-6 months behind you.

  • MileHighDad

    Can’t say I blame the small kids, once you cross on over to the other side of the table, Goo made Poo is a thing of the past! Sorry bout that! But you will see after she tries flavors of the world!

  • HeirApparent

    @PJ – We actually have made some food, although she’s increasingly less excited about it. It has been mostly pureed squash, sweet potatos, bananas, and recently chicken. We puree it, then put it in ice cube trays. She used to really like it…

    @Joel – It’s true, she has definitely become a magnet for all her discarded food – and we have to be on the lookout to stop her from munching on the ‘hairy cheerios’ she comes across…