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A New Nickname


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Now that Justine has mastered crawling, she’s fallen back on trying to perfect another, more harrowing skill.  She now, at every chance possible, attempts to pull herself up to a standing position. This is actually much more frightening than I had initially imagined it being.

Now I’m ok with crawling.  While it’s true that we can no longer leave her for hours at a time and expect her to still be in the same place, and we’ve had to move my collection of knives, poisons, and recalled lead painted choking hazards off the floor where I had been storing them, she’s still, thanks to a variety of expensive barriers, confined to a central area.  So we can still steal away for a few moments to feed the cats, go to the bathroom, or briefly continue our experiments in cloning meatloaf.

But this “pulling herself up” business adds a whole new dimension to the issue.  Literally.  What’s the big deal?  Well, adding verticality to the mix significantly increases the chance of “rapid de-verticality” – in other words once she’s up she’ll probably go back down and in some cases in dramatic fashion.  Thus we end up gingerly standing nearby, our hands crouched at the ready should we need to swoop in and rescue our daughter as she tumbles to the ground, only to pull herself back up again, laughing at our overprotective designs.

There are three notable areas where she has learned to pull herself up with varying consequences.  The first is the table upon which our rabbit (Gizmo) lives her largely solitary existence.  Justine pulls herself up gingerly, sets her feet, and then with one hand attempts to either pet or jab at the bunny through her cage bars.  Gizmo is generally a sport about this, but occasionally is startled and gives a friendly honk and a not so friendly thump before retreating to the corner.  Justine, of course, finds this hilarious.  I just stand nearby, nervously eyeing the hardwood floor behind her.

I discovered the second locale on a Sunday morning as I was awakened while dreaming about living a life “under the sea” by the subtle screams of a newly alert infant.  Much to my dismay she met my gaze while standing in her crib, her hands resting on the crib rail and her mouth firmly gripping the rubber pad we installed only a week or two ago.  We have enough trouble with naps and sleeping – her ability to stand will probably make it a little more difficult to keep her in the prone and sleeping position.  Plus at some point she’ll probably figure out how to Mary Lou Retton out of there and then will be in big trouble.  I’m installing a trampoline underneath just in case.

Finally, she earned her new nickname pulling herself up at the last location – the fancy gate we have installed near our staircases (we live in a split level).  When we are in the kitchen, she’ll crawl over to the gate, pull herself up, and reach through the bars, either longing for one of us to pick her up or trying to snatch our wallets as we walk by.  In any case, her attempts at circumventing our baby containment system now have us dubbing her with yet another nickname:


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  • Blythe

    Ah, that set of stairs has seen a few kids tumble down it….no damage to kids, thank goodness. Sounds like she is making big changes fast!