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It’s a… collection of random body parts?

Last week, we once again geared up for another ‘baby appointment’ – but this was to be of the ‘non-standard’ variety. Rather than the posh Long Island apartment of ‘the Nanny’, we would be subject to the soft-lit environs of the ultra-sound room at a specialist near the University. It was time for the momentous and much desired ’19th week ultrasound’ where we would find out the answer to the question that has plagued us all along – human baby or feline kitty?

It was a new and different location, so we left ourselves plenty of time, and rolled into the office at 7:45 for an 8 am apt. Not surprisingly, we were the only patients there for awhile, until another clearly pregnant younger woman strolled in and gave us a look as if to say ‘ha – you call THAT a bump?’. I briefly considered ‘taking it outside’ but I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have taken her – ‘mother lion defending her cubs’ and what not. Regardless, in short order we were called into the back and followed the technician to the exam room.

Now, we had been told that this sonographer was ‘the best’, but since she happened to work in our doctor’s husband’s practice, I had my doubts. But she was tremendous – we were in there for 3 seconds and she had the goop on Kim’s stomach and was already pushing the wand around looking for Chi-Baba. And that’s when the troubles arose.

Nothing bad, of course. Didn’t mean to scare you. See, the issue that was immediately apparent to her (not to us – I felt like were watching a scrambled movie – you could kinda make out what was going on but it wasn’t particularly satisfying) was that our doctor had overestated the age of the baby. They had us close to 19 weeks, but the sonographer (after drawing dotted lines to measure – uh – ‘body parts’ or at least ‘amorphous fuzzy blobs’) estimated us at 17 weeks, 3 days. (which is a very specific estimate by the way). Consequently, she told us, she couldn’t make out enough that was going on in there, other than the cereal Kim had for breakfast (had no idea she swallowed fruit loops whole).

The end result is that we need to go back in a few weeks for another ultrasound, which is fine with us. Finally, after all the technical stuff, she went about trying to take some pictures for us, which i have posted below. We’re pretty sure now, unfortunately, that it’s not a kitty (much to the relief, I’m sure, of that male stray cat that hangs out around our house). And now we finally have some baby pictures we can put in our wallets and show people when they ask about the pregnancy (‘here’s it’s leg’, ‘that’s either a spine or there was a lizard under the exam table’,’that, apparently, is a very cute pose, we’re told’,etc.)

We have another appointment for a regular checkup in a few weeks, and then the ultrasound after that. I hope the kid doesn’t expect this kind of attention when it comes out…

Click on any image to view an enlarged version.  Print out each picture and play “Guess the Gender” with your family.  Or at least “Fuzzy Blob: Part of Baby or Part of Kim’s Guts?”

Scan 1 Small
Baby spine or random lizard?
Scan 2 Small
The Baby is’Vogueing’ – Hands in front of his face from a top down perspective.
Scan 3 Small
Some picture of the baby – with a Roswell looking face that is apparently the baby’s stomach.

Scan 4 Small
The ‘whole shabang’ – you can see the leg and spine.
Scan 5 Small
The ‘leg extended’ I’m told.

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