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Sin City, USA

Howdy folks, from the city that never sleeps (except when you stayed up all night at the airport trying to keep an eye on shifty “airport workers”)!  It’s late Wednesday night, and I’m enjoying our $12.99 24-hour Internet pass and so I thought I drop the world a line.

We arrived finally Tuesday morning after the aforementioned overnight ordeal.  We were exhausted, hungry and dirty from the experience, and were somewhat unprepared for the realities of Vegas that smack you right in the face the moment you get off the plane.  Twenty feet from the boarding gate was a bank of slot machines.  Hell, slot machines are EVERYWHERE here.  In restaurants, gas stations, the library, the courthouse.  After we made our way through the terminal, we were greeted by the Times Square of baggage claims.  This place was an all-out assault of advertising, with giant screens plastered in 360 degree splendor,  coaxing us to go see Tony Danza in the Producers (probably not), Celine Dion in her last year (finally?) or Carrot Top (…).  Luckily our bags came quick and we were off to get our rental car and head over to the strip.

The Mirage is definitely a nice hotel, and we were glad that we picked it.  We’re here Tuesday night and tonight, and then tomorrow we move to Treasure Island which is right next door (it had a cheaper Thanksgiving rate).  We’ve decided to forego our trip to Utah to see Bryce and Zion in favor of staying in Vegas and day tripping to Red Rock Canyon (which is somewhat nearby) and some other local attractions.  That necessitated more hotels and more price-jockeying, so Friday we are at a Westin, and then Saturday and Sunday we are at New York New York.  Confused yet?

So far baby hasn’t been too much of an issue, other than a more urgent need to find food at more times during the day – they say you should have 6 mini-meals instead of 3 large meals, although we haven’t been following that too closely.  Our eating has been somewhat more determined by price more than anything else – turns out Vegas is expensive.  Who knew?  We’ve done ok so far – we had dinner at the Venetian yesterday and at an Irish pub in New York New York today.  Other than a lot of walking and eating, we have taken in 2 attractions – a Cirque du Soleil show (weird) and a Titanic Artifact Exhibit (neat).  Not sure what else is on the books…

We did a little gambling so far – we actually threw $26 into a electronic roulette machine and walked away with $126 in about 10 minutes.  Not too shabby.  I also had one of those zen gambling moments – we were about to leave with about $70 when I said to Kim – “Let’s just throw one more dollar in and see what happens.”  You know the rest – boom – the number comes up.  Am I a gambling genius because of this?  Probably.

So anyway, we’re having a good time in the desert, trying to keep our bodies fed and our wallets fat.  Not sure that either one is going so well, but we are having fun…

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