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Life Changing Stuff

Preg TestIt’s been less than a week since we’ve received the wonderful news that my wife and my DNA has magically coalesced into some sort of rapidly growing blob deep in the pits of her stomach. We had been “trying” for a while, in the sense that she went off the pill in June in the hopes that we’d be able to conceive at some point in September. A lot of “irrregularness” in her menstrual cycle later, she kept complaining of cramps for the last few weeks and so we assumed “Aunt Flo” was imminent and thought nothing of it. And then, BABOW, at the 2:30 in the morning last Tuesday the lights all go on in our bedroom and she’s saying things like ‘Wow’, and ‘I love you’ and ‘You’re not broken after all!’. And so here we are.

The purpose of this blog is more for me than anyone else – I’ve never been good at the journal thing, but i want to capture my thoughts and feelings, relate our struggles and triumphs, and record our decisions and the thoughts behind so that years from now, we can think back and remember exactly why we chose that god-awful “monkey wallpaper” or who was the one who suggested “Ralphonso” for a name and why we don’t talk to them anymore.

You, the reader, are simply along for the ride, and whether it’s simply Mom checking in (with horror most likely) or random strangers eager to peek into the lives of young, misguided parents-to-be, I hope that all of you get something out of it. If nothing else than a chuckle.

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